Sunday, August 26, 2007

Keepn' up with the Joneseses

Well Jason and Laura finally got to me. With them so awefully far away, and life changing (for the better) I thought it's a good idea to start one. So here is our blog. Please do not compare it with the lovely and clever Laura, you will be disappointed.

This weekend has been so enjoyable, we have Grandma Ru visiting. On Friday Ryan, G.RU and I went to the McClain's of MD for a delicious din-din. Amy, Marnell, Lisa and Grandma Mil joined us as well. And wouldn't you know it, Jason called on cue from Fla. We really missed them. Well Kevin and Sarah really put on a nice spread of marinaded pork chops, seasoned potatos and broccoli and yummy salad. I made Lola's Plum Quinoa Salad and my childhood fav, apple crisp ala mode. Everyone enjoyed wine, except for me and baby of course. See Laura, you aren't the only one that likes to talk about food!

Saturday Grandma Ru and I ran errands. In the evening Lisa come up after work for dinner. Another gourmet meal: Barbeque Salmon and asparugus. We then enjoyed a game of Phase 10. Ryan won. Of course.

Sunday morning Grandma Ru and I met Kristi at Trinity. Grandma really enjoyed their contemporary service. For anyone I told that Kristi bought new golf clubs but will never use them, I am wrong. She has used them twice and is going again today! She's out to prove me wrong.

On the pregnancy front, I feel great. I feel so great that I wonder if I am still prego and wonder when some tangible evidence will show up (besides gettin chubby). Ah parenthood...the worrying starts immediately. But Ryan and I are very excited. We read a daily journal that Aunt Kristi gave us. It gives a brief day by day synopsis of baby's progress. My next appointment is Sept. 4 (happy b-day Lisa) Can't wait to hear that heartbeat again.

Well I have rambled enough. I feel sorry for you guys if I blog like I talk. I started this today on a whim, so their aren't any fun pics to post. I also need to learn this new system! Until next time...