Monday, June 23, 2008

We love you Pop!

Donald Waide Silsley
December 15, 1919-June 10, 2008
This was the last time Ryan, Christopher and I saw Pop.
Kim and Zachary visit Poppy.
Pop playing with Grant and Karen.
Before the funeral Shane, Grant, Christopher and Ryan visit in the church.
All the male cousins served as pall-bearers.
Gun Salute
Sweet sisters, Kaylin and Emily.

The Wagner Family

Proud grandparents with their big boy, Grant.

Little kiddies outside playing during the funeral wake.

Other Fun Pics...
Christopher watched his first Disney movie, Dumbo! from start to finish. Here he is during intermission, snacking on his thumb.

"Mom, I'll give you 3 good reasons to keep me: I'm cute, adorable and lovable."

Dozing in the backseat on his way to Aunt Kristi's.

Smiling at Gran Winterstein

Making arts n crafts project for Daddy on Father's Day. He got some of the plaster on his cheeks!

Cracking crabs on Father's Day.

Three generations of fathers.

Last Monday, Christopher had a barium swallow done to make sure he isn't backwards inside like his Mommy. He isn't! He was a very good boy while they took the pictures.

Enjoying sunshine on our back porch.

Christopher, first thing in the morning. He loves grabbing his left foot. Always his left foot.

When he awakens in the morning, I open the curtains, wind his mobile and give him a toy. This keeps him occupied for about twenty minutes.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Play Date with Kate

On Friday I watched the daughter of our good friends. Kate recently turned four and she is so cute. She told me she has a "Baby Alive". She said it in such a way as if listing her credentials to help with Christopher. And help she did! She changed his diaper, burped him, played with him and put his paci in when he got upset. Christopher never took his eyes off of her.
Showing Christopher his fishies.
Such a big help!
Ryan's tournament Saturday...
Brent's big bass
"Smooooke On the Waaaater....Fire In the Sky"

CBA's newest member, Patrick showing off his catch. Saturday was tough fishing because of the intense heat.

Sunday we attended two picnics...

My work friends, Lisa and Margie.

Meyer 9 gang!

Cooling off with Daddy after a hot weekend... Ryan was able to get many belly laughs out of Christopher by kissing his tummy with his tickly beard.

Christopher was a very good boy this weekend. We took him to two picnics Sunday, one for my work and one with friends of Ryan's. To our surprise, Christopher was very well behaved. Another first of Christopher's: grabbing a toy while on his tummy, yay Christopher!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Fun Pictures...

During a bad thunderstorm on Wednesday, a gust of wind pulled our patio umbrella straight up out of the table, over the house and planted it on the roof.

Is that Mary Poppins? Please pardon our dirty siding, life has been busy and we haven't gotten around to power washing.

Christopher helping Mom weed my garden.

Outside, enjoying the cool dampness after a thunderstorm. You gotta love summer weather.

More pictures from a couple weekends ago. I got interrupted before I could post them all... Ryan can almost always elicit a giggle from Christopher by emphatically saying "DA-DA".

"Take me down Daddy, I'm scared of heights!"

Cleaning White Perch after a successful trip on the Susquehanna.

More sunny cuteness.

These past days are full of firsts for Christopher and I am trying to keep them on record. Today he grabbed his feet three different times and looked intently at his toes. So cute! I can't wait till he puts them in his curious mouth. His development never seizes to amaze me. Oh, and today he weighed in at the doctor's office at 12lbs 8oz, as a result mostly from nursing. Right on track!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Toys!

Surf's Up!

Hang Ten!

"Man, Mom makes me do so much work!"

Using two hands!

Congratulations to Jenny! She graduated from St. Jane Frances last week. She is really excited for Chesapeake High.

This week Christopher has been very successful with breastfeeding. As a reward, I bought him some fun new toys at Target. Actually he would have gotten these toys anyway, since his new skills are constantly emerging and he needs tools to help them develop. He seems to change everyday. His new talent is talking/singing or whatever you want to call it. I hear him at four am; in his crib alone in the dark, having a one way conversation. He is not the least bit upset, nor does he try to get our attention. I can't help but wonder, as I lay in bed, how long has he been up? What is he thinking and saying? Next thing I know, it is morning and he is either sleeping or up and babbling again. Every morning when I go to retrieve him from his crib, he is all smiles and acts so happy to see me. His vocalizations continue all morning, sometimes they are so extreme they make me laugh out loud! It gets even better when he sings while in his vibrating bouncy-chair. The vibration gives his song a wavery quality. His hand-eye coordination is really taking off now, he can grab any toy within his reach with two hands and bring it to his mouth over and over. Along with rattling and noise making toys to add to his play mat, I bought him a tummy time boogie board. It is really neat, it has water under a plastic window that Christopher can look through to see little fishies. This sounds extravagant, but it encourages him to spend more time on his stomach. He also loves having books read to him. I have read all of his Golden books two times over, so today we returned to the store to add to his little library. I bought the classics; Goodnight Moon, Guess How Much I Love You, I'll Love You Forever, and Aunt Lisa's favorite, Are You My Mother?. They are the chunky cardboard books, which come in handy since Christopher likes eating the books as they are being read to him.

Earlier I mentioned that breastfeeding was going well. My supply is pretty much back to normal. Christopher breastfeeds most of the day, with one or two bottles of breastmilk in the evening. I am slowly decreasing pumping sessions each day. I am being conservative, just to make sure my supply stays up. Thank you to every one's words of encouragement. This was the hardest time of motherhood so far, but we got through it!