Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camp Katie

Over the winter I promised some of Ryan's little cousins a camp trip in "Uncle Bill and Aunt Lola's" backyard. Matt and Kim joined in the fun. We had a great time, roasting marsh mellows, making 'smores, and reading books by flashlight. And of course there was the slip-n-slide the next day! A big thanks to Lola who opened her home to 8 kids, 3 adults and about a 1000 flies.

The morning after. Everyone is so happy!

Duplicate that won't let me delete it... *ugh*

Funny thing is, nobody really knew the other packed Sponge Bob PJs. Christopher was the only one that wasn't wearing yellow that night.

Setting up the beds.

Christopher retrieves a lantern from Kim.

"The girls' tent"

Zachary's shirt reads: Boobaholic; the first step is admitting it. It's so true!

Mr. Serious

Causing trouble around camp.

Setting up camp. The kids were very eager to help!

Amazing Memory

This past weekend Christopher and I visited Ryan's parents. Shortly after arriving, Christopher was wandering through their house. When he entered the dining room and looked at the table he said "choo-choo". You see, this is where his Papa set up the train last Christmas, which of course was put away in January. I had no idea a child this age could remember that far back. It's moments like these that I feel I do not give kids enough credit. They are amazing little people.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Day In The Life...

In no particular order here are a month's worth of pictures. It is difficult getting a good shot of Christopher because 1) he moves so fast and 2) he wants to hold the camera instead of smile at it. I hope this quenches your thirst!

Snoopy has been a great tool for playing pretend. CRW puts his shoes and hat on him, feeds him and gives him drink. Snoopy provides endless entertainment and helps Mommy when Christopher is particularly stubborn (if Snoopy will do it, Christopher will do it).

Christopher practices eating with a spoon.

Big Bite!

If you don't have the beach... bring the beach to you!

Cooling off on a hot day last week.

Christopher and I love having Sophia visit. While CRW napped, Sophia and I enjoyed the shade of our new awning.

Really, she is the happiest baby I know.

Sophia is now getting around very well.

While at Grandmom and Granddad's, Christopher finds plenty to keep himself entertained. Like opening and closing the antique icebox. Then again and again and again...

And then there is riding the vacuum. A few weeks ago I was vacuuming my own house when I noticed the vacuum canister behind me got suddenly heavier. Turns out Christopher likes to mount it and ride it around the house behind me as I vacuum.

These photos are out of focus, because my camera was on the wrong setting. But they catch the play times we have while visiting in Bayside.

Her Cuteness

With her raspy vocals and now the keyboard, I think we have a budding Alicia Keys among us.

Christopher is always interested on whats going on outside. He likes rooms that have low windows, where he can see out as much as he likes, unlike our house.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In response to a huge demand for Christopher bloggage, *ahem, Aunt Laura* here is a list of cute CRW moments.

- The boy will say anything. Yesterday he noticed a piece of sunlight on the dining room floor. He tried to pick it up. I told him "that's sunshine". This answer seemed to suffice him, as he walked away saying "shu-shi".

- Unfortunately, he has taken up whining as a sport. I tell him "no whining, have patience". So you will often here him saying "pay-pay" while waiting for food, a toy, etc. Yesterday I was trying to get him to say the entire word, emphasizing patience (pa-shence). He walked away saying "pa-pa shhh, pa-pa shhh". At least he tried!

-We have been spending a lot of time with Sophia lately, and Christopher plays very well with her, and her with him! If any of you have experienced "Sophia love", you know it isn't always tender. She tends to love you with a death grip and pinchy fingers. Well two weeks ago she was using Christopher for balance as she stood up. Christopher, feeling her tiny but strong hands sink into his tender flesh, instructed "gentle, gentle".

-Learning to share comes with the territory when hanging out with cousins. Each time Sophia had one of Christopher's toys, he'd watch her and say "sho, sho" (share). Then out of no where, his most requested book became an old Muppet book; "I Can Share". He made me read it to him 3 times in a row this morning. I haven't seen him take things from Sophia yet. Yet.

-Ryan and I believe that routine and silly rituals make a happy toddler. For example, each night Ryan puts on CRW's PJ's, then he warms his milk (with Christopher's help), when the milk is finished we set him down and he RUNS to the bathroom yelling "TEETH!" Daddy brushes his pearly whites, then carries him to his room. Just outside his bedroom door, I wait. (I never go in for bedtime, this is saved just for Daddy.) I wait for my goodnight kiss and hug, which is very dramatic. But tonight I had to work. Later, Ryan tells me Christopher kept asking "Momma, Momma?" after brushing his teeth. He noticed I wasn't standing in my spot. Sniff sniff.

-He has memorized several of his favorite books, mainly the Saundra Boynton collection.
From Pajama Time!:
Mommy: some are red and some are...
Mommy: some are pink and some are...

From Moo, Baa, La, La, La:
Mommy: a cow says...
CRW: moo
Mommy: a sheep says...
CRW: baa
Mommy: Three singing pigs say...

-Christopher has watched the "Petting Farm" DVD 326 1/2 times. From it he has learned about different animals, their baby names and what they eat. Now whenever he sees a rabbit in our yard he repeats to himself "hop, hop, hop". Or as we drive past the horse farm outside my parents neighborhood I can hear him in the backseat clucking his tongue "clip, clop, clip clop".

- And then there's the Cuckoo Clock. Like many children that are lucky enough to know one, Christopher is obsessed with Grandma Mil's cuckoo clock. Every time we visit, he requests adamantly "coo-coo, COO-COO!". So we make many trips to Grandma's sitting room to see the little cuckoo bird. Last Sunday, during Madeline's baptism, Christopher's gaze rested upon Grandma Mil sitting across the church. Ever so quietly I hear Christopher whisper to himself as he stares unfaltering into her eyes "coo-coo". He is obsessed.

I hope you enjoyed these little stories. You know how people say "you should write this stuff down" in reference to kiddie stories? Well consider this a start. Sorry for the lack of pics, I don't have access to them now, but keep checking, as I hope to have some up real soon!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Start Spreadin' The News...."

I *heart* NY. I always kinda rolled my eyes when people would say "Oh I love New York!". It always seemed sorta cliche-ish to me. Maybe secretly I was just jealous. Its hard to believe but growing up south of B-more, only hours away from the Big Apple, I had never gone. Ever. Pathetic. Well the streak ended. On April 18, Lola and Kristi treated me to a New York day trip and a Broadway showing of "The Lion King". It was a fantastic trip to celebrate my 30th birthday. I can honestly say there could not have been a better way to say "Happy 30th!". Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to go again, we had a blast!

Times Square.

We even saw the famous "Naked Cowboy". Look at that smile on Lola's face.
I hope Bill isn't looking...

Just before the play. "The Lion King" was SPECTACULAR!

In front of the infamous "Friends" fountain.

Me, being cheesy in Central Park.

Taking a break from our ride through Central Park.

I couldn't help but think of "Muppets Take Manhattan" as we rode through the Park...

... I could have sworn I saw Miss Piggy on roller skates!

First Haircut.

"Cool!" That's what Christopher says whenever he wears or sees someone wearing sunglasses. This is a before shot.

Another before shot...The first fateful snip, preserving it for the baby book. He seemed to like this part.


Get the top!

Daddy finishes up.

After receiving numerous complaints about Christopher's baby mullet (business in the front, party in the back!) we broke down and gave him a buzz cut. We did it home style, out in the backyard with the clippers compliments of Mommy. I have to say it turned out well, even though I had a brief moment of sadness. His long curls resting on his ears were the final link to babyhood. He is officially a big boy now, sniff sniff.

Warm (HOT) Spring Days.

Starting his mower. How about that Winterstein belly? Too cute.

Christopher helps Daddy cut the lawn. He LOVES the tractor. He was very serious while riding along. When they drove back towards me, CRW would get this smug half smile on his face as if saying "see what a big boy I am, Mommy?". He did this row after row. He was so proud of himself.

Splashing in his new pool on a very hot Monday last week.

We've had a taste of summer last week and we took advantage of it. Spending as much time as possible outside, we've broken in the new pool and sandbox, blew bubbles til we were dizzy and played at the playground. This new weather suits Christopher fine, he was getting antsy with indoor play. Our days have settled into a nice pattern: up by 8, breakfast at 9, indoor playtime, snack at 11, then a nap at noon; in the afternoon we have lunch at 1, then head outdoors and play til we are exhausted, CRW will have a snack at 3, his dinner is at 5 then playtime with Daddy and finally bedtime at 6:30. We are a busy but happy little family.