Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Little Parrot

Christopher will say anything you tell him to. Yesterday we were playing with the color fish puzzle Aunt Amy gave him for his B-day. With each piece he removed I said the name of the color. And he repeated each color! Of course it wasn't perfectly clear, but it was obvious he was mimicking each word I said to the best of his ability. He has such a vocabulary! Recently it's "high" and "low" and "Dumbo" and lots of "teet teet" for birds. Oh-- and "Baby". Every time he sees his picture in the house he says "Baby". Sophia and Amy stayed with us for a few days. Each morning and after every nap the first word out of his mouth was "Baby". He also asks alot for Papa. On Sunday he said Aunt Amy and then again on Monday when he saw her picture. That little memory of his is getting a workout! I made him a photo album of his family members and he enjoys looking through it, trying out different names. Then we talk about recent visits or something the person gave him. On Wednesday I said "today we are going to see Grandmom" and he responded "Ga-ga?" and I smiled and confirmed, "yes Grandmom". Then he ran to his room, opened his picture book to Grandmom's page and said "Ga-ga". Smart fellow.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tuckered Out.

After a long day playing with Sophia then going to Matthew's first birthday party, Christopher passed out on the way home. He didn't awaken when Ryan took him out of the car seat, or when he undressed him. Not even when he changed his diaper! He was put into his PJs and went straight into his crib without waking. If you know how light of a sleeper CRW is, then you know how rare this is!

Why I Love My Husband

Ryan works so hard. I am grateful that he goes to work everyday and provides for us such a wonderful life. Then often when he is home he is still hard at work. Last weekend he and his dad cut down our beloved Maple tree. It had died last spring and we finally decided to say goodbye and take her down. Watching Ryan quickly and efficiently bring this tree down safely impressed me. I was nervous and didn't know where he should begin. But the two of them didn't hesitate and in a matter of 2 hours it was all firewood. As I watched him way up in the branches I thought "Is there anything he can't do?". He has impressed me with his handy work repeatedly while remodeling our home. I am pleasantly surprised when he takes on a daunting task, researching and planning so that it comes out nicely in the end. The kitchen, the basement, the tile work, the siding. I was amazed with each new skill he learned. Now he cuts down a pretty darn big tree without leaving a scratch on that siding. Wow, how did I get so lucky? And to top it all off, he is the best Dad ever to our little boy. When he walks through the door after a long stressful day, "Christopher" is the first word on his lips. He doesn't leave the boy's side until he himself lays him to bed at night. He is one talented, tough and tender man.
Look out Paul Bunyan! Ryan bravely uses a chainsaw to remove some high branches.

Papa and Christopher watch as Daddy cuts up the fallen tree.

Christopher stands on the stump, wondering what happened to his tree.

Before bedtime I peek in on the boys to find Ryan reading to Christopher. Ryan reads so many books to him. Evenings are filled with lots of Daddy time.

I know it is not in focus, but I wanted to show off Ryan's birthday present to Christopher. This bird feeder sees a lot of action. Christopher loves it. When birds land on it, he stops playing, looks up at them, looks at me and smiles. Sometimes he says "teet teet". I think its great that Ryan is instilling Christopher with an interest in the outdoors. And to think Ryan once bird watched out of these same windows 30 years ago... amazing.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Christopher!

I can't believe our boy is ONE! What a great year it has been. I love this kid more each day. And each day he amazes me more than the day before! Friday he woke up a chatter box. He now has well over 30 words. Last weeks words were "car" pronounced Boston style, "hot", "pee-pee", and "pot". As you can guess he is interested in the potty thing again. He definitely knows what the potty is for and can often tell us when he is going. This morning he told Ryan "pee pee" so Ryan put him on the potty chair and he went! Amazing! Anyway, backing up to his Big Day, we had a blast for his birthday. His actual birthday was spent with my family in Bayside baking cakes with cousins. That night at 5:17 pm, Ryan, Christopher and I celebrated together over CRW's life beginning one year prior. We had a small dinner and a little cake. I gave him building blocks and Ryan bought him a window bird feeder. (Christopher has a new fascination with birds). Saturday we threw a great Snoopy Birthday Bash and it was awesome. I kept it kid friendly, as I feel all little kid birthdays should be. There was great company, yummy food, fun games and happy kids everywhere. I really enjoyed it. I think Christopher had fun too.

Giving his beloved Snoopy a kiss.

Looks like Christopher performs better without an audience.

Proficient at the Bean Bag Toss.

Too bad Sophia had to blink, I really like this pic. Dad in all his grandparent glory.

Joe Cool!

Christopher loved this water bottle that Matt, Kim and the boys got him. It had a spring lid and every time Kim popped it open, Christopher would giggle giggle giggle.

"I want SNOOPY!"
"Oh and there's cake too?"

"Gee, this birthday stuff isn't half bad."

"I am ONE!"

Ryan: "Can Daddy have some Christopher?"
CRW: "Ha! Not a chance!"
CRW: "But Mommy can have some. I'm no dummy- after all, she is the "Momma""
Kaylin enjoys her ice cream cone.
Matt is practicing for his big day coming up in a few weeks.
Now its time for games, first lets try and get Snoopy's collar on.
Christopher had to try this himself. He was pretty good too.

Here are all the kiddies. I think only the Sophie(a)s are missing.

The crowd cheers Kaylin on... "higher, no to the right..."

Emily tries to pin a nose on ole Snoopy.

" We weren't this happy this time last year, were we Christopher?"

Mommy and son... so happy!

Snoopy buddies. I was so tickled to see Jonathan with his Snoopy shirt on.

Ready to party... Joe Cool style!

Goodie bags for the kiddies.