Saturday, January 26, 2008

"It's the Final Countdown"

Steve and Ryan had a successful morning Christmas Eve.

Kevin and Sarah hosted a delicious Christmas Eve dinner.

This is at Aunt Cheryl's house the Saturday after Christmas.

Leif stealing some food off of Laura's plate.

Dad helping at the Baby Shower.

My nursing buddies: Stacey and Leah. "Meyer 9 Angels" (We're all in white.)

Laura's craftsmanship: she stamped several onsies, each in different size, with a different animal on the front. She also made a canvas bag, canned pumpkin and canned homemade applesauce, all for baby. Look out Martha Stewart!

Laura & Leif.

Mom made curtains for the Baby's nursery. She and Grandma Ru embroidered them to match the valance I bought. Lots of work!

Aunt Ginny's hand-made quilt.

Momma Lola's embroidery. We hung this in the nursery over the crib.

All smiles.

Most of these pics are from my first shower on January 5th. It was a guys and gals shower, which made it a lot of fun. Laura, Kristi and my sisters did a great job! Thank you!
The baby countdown continues: 2 weeks and 3 days. Everyday I feel a little more uncomfortable, mostly in the evenings. Insomnia is expected just about every night, hence this early blog posting. But I don't want to whine, overall I am happy and very excited. Ryan is as well. We've narrowed down baby names, but you will have to wait till the lil' Winterstinker arrives to find out yourself! The "Nesting Phase" is in full swing at our house. The nursery is just about done; all we need is the crib, which Uncle Bruce is currently making. Every room is organized, tidy and kinda baby-proofed. Kristi and I went to "Let's Dish" on Thursday, so the fridge is clean and stocked full of easy-to-make meals. All the baby's toys are assembled, clean and have fresh batteries in them. I think I have thought of everything, but of course there will be something forgotten! Next weekend Ryan and I are picking up last minute baby essentials, then we should be all set. Can't wait to meet this little baby!