Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Party '09!

Saturdays Halloween party was so much fun, I don't know who enjoyed it more, the kids or the adults! The following pictures are out of order, so if you like start from the bottom up. Enjoy!
"Oooooh oooh, witchy wom(en)...."
The whole scary gang.


Christopher takes time to decorate his pumpkin.

Lined up for ghost bowling.
Concentrating on decorating his Halloween bag.

Always being the last to find each clue, Grant was actually the one who found the treasure!

Grant the pirate.

Clue #6: "Do you see a tree shaped like a "V"?"

Clue #4: "Creep to where the dead sleep"

Clue#3: "Where the light shines through"

Clue#2: "Even the birdies need a place to live" (birdhouse)

Noah reads the ancient treasure map to begin the scavenger hunt:
"Ahoy Landlubbers! Hidden on this here Land, is a treasure O so grand! Clues are hidden all around, search the sky and the ground! Yo ho ho! Get off your feet, and go where neighbors come to trick or treat! Your pint-sized pirates, Captains Grant and Christopher."

The Latimers a.k.a. "Ghostbusters"

Kali, the hostess, and her beautiful girls, Emily and Kaylin.

Love this pic, with Zachary crying.

Cousins, Grant Emily and Kaylin.

The Wagners, Brandon, Abby, and Lil' Joey.

Happy Halloween from the Wintersteins!

Momma and her Joey

Look Out Johnny Depp!

Is it me, or is he the cutest little pirate you've ever seen? I can't believe he kept this costume on all evening, even the head piece!

On Halloween we all went to a kiddie-then-adult Halloween party. I helped Kali, our cousin, plan the party although she did most of the work! I was in charge of a scavenger hunt, which all the kiddies certainly enjoyed. Since Christopher and Grant both came as pirates, I made a tattered treasure map to offer the first clue. The map was signed "Your pint-sized pirates, Captains Grant and Christopher". Clues led about 10 kids around the yard, until finally they found the treasure! I had made a treasure chest and filled it with "jewels", candy and small toys. The kids loved it! We also made lots of crafts and had a "ghost bowling game". It took Christopher almost 2 hours to warm up, but then he was running around playing and less concerned with where we and Ryan's parents were. In all, it was such a fun party! Christopher even hung out til 8:30, at which time I had to put my little pirate to bed.