Thursday, June 25, 2009


Usually when Ryan gets home from work its silly/rough-house time with Christopher. I am invisible to both of them, they are in their own world. Lately Ryan can get Christopher to giggle so hard sometimes he gets the hiccups. In this video Christopher shares his Goldfish crackers with Daddy.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Outer Banks

Saturday we returned from Duck, NC after enjoying a week long vacation with Ryan's family. Christopher enjoyed the "beach" and "ocean" as well as swimming in the pool. The weather was very mild, with two days too cool to sit on the beach. This gave us a nice break from the heat though, which can be a bit much for little ones. Christopher was very good, considering the upheaval in his day to day routine. He loved running to the waves that washed up on the beach. In fact he was quite fearless, running between Ryan who was up beach and his grandparents, who were on the shoreline. Many times he'd fall as a result of the water washing the sand out from beneath his feet, or just from sheer exhaustion. He was also the friendliest toddler around, walking up to neighboring sun bathers, saying "hi-yee" as he approached. (CRW has taken to adding a cute little "yee" to his "hi's" and "bye-bye's", its very cute.) He loved the pool, each morning he'd eye it up from our balcony and say "pool" and "swim". I had bought him a nice float which he really enjoyed as he laid back and relaxed in the water.

Wednesday Ryan and Ernie, Kristi's boyfriend, went deep sea fishing. It was the roughest day of the week, with 10 foot seas. Ryan said you could see other tuna boats on the water, then they'd disappear in the swells. The trip proved successful though, and now we have plenty of Mahi Mahi for grilling this summer.

In all, it was a very relaxing week, with Ryan's family playing lots with Christopher which really gave me a break. We took plenty of naps, I read a good book, we ate well and Ryan and I even got out for a couple date nights. I hope we return soon, we really enjoyed it. It was just "Ducky".

Hiding under the sink.

Touching the tuna's giant eye.

"Gee Mr Ernie, that's a big fish!"

Landing a beautiful dolphin.

Surf's Up!

Christopher is introduced to the mighty Atlantic Ocean for the first time.

"Mr. Sand Crab, come out and play!"

"C'mon, I know you're in there somewhere!"

"Oh there you are Mr. Sand Crab!"

Building (and wrecking) sandcastles.

Christopher really liked hiding in the closets. They were like a fort to him, with plenty of room to play inside.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mr. Smartypants

****warning: brag session ahead****
Christopher had his 15 month checkup on Friday. He weighs 25lbs. He is the picture of health. But his doctor is most impressed with his language skills. She said he is more like a 2 year old than a 15 month old.
His vocabulary is exploding. This boy repeats everything. Sunday we decided to give him a haircut. I said "Christopher, Mommy is going to give you a haircut". Christopher replies back "haircut" then repeats it all day while he strokes his freshly shorn head. Last Friday we explained that he was going to visit Dr. Cox. He looks at us and says "Docta Cox". Today I was changing his diaper, and said "we'll go outside, but we need to change your diaper first, ok?" he responds "ok" in a tone that reflects mine. For the rest of the day all my requests were met with "ok". The list goes on and on.

He knows all his colors. Sometimes he struggles with a few, but he has named each color on his rainbow fish puzzle many times. The funny thing is, he won't answer a direct question like "what color is the grass?", instead he passively says colors of an object he is holding (almost like he is saying it to himself). He knows circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval and diamond, although rectangle and triangle are tough for him to say.

Physically he is growing too. He loves to climb, as many toddlers do. Today I caught him making the move from the dining room chair onto the table. I have started teaching him how to mount his rocking horse, which the saddle is about chest high on him. He is so tickled with himself when he can do it, the look on his face is priceless. Also there is a stool in his room I let him play on, it ends up looking like baby step aerobics when I check on him. When he stands up he says "high" and when he steps down he says "low".
Often times he plays alone in his room. When I spy on him I sometimes find him sitting on the floor in front of his books, "reading" each one carefully before moving on to the next one on the shelf. I like seeing what he gets into when left to his own devices.

I guess this is enough bragging for one post. You may not hear from me in a while, we leave for vacation this Saturday and I have a lot to do!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Puzzle Master

Christopher has discovered his wooden puzzles. For his first birthday he received two nice ones. I have since added to the collection, although I thought he was a bit young for them. At first he would just sit on the floor and remove each puzzle piece, tossing it on the floor. But in the past week he has perfected the skill. Now he requests them excitedly "pu-ple, pu-ple, PEASE!". ( I keep them out of reach up on a shelf.) Once it's set on the floor he gets to work, removing one piece at a time and emphatically slamming it on the floor. After they are all removed he reassembles them. Then he will immediately start the process over again, even on the same puzzle. He now only occasionally needs help getting them together. He does like 15-20 a day. Literally. He really gets hung up on certain things. Is it me, or are toddlers eerily similar to Rain Man? Anyway, it just amazed me to watch him. See for yourself.