Monday, October 20, 2008

Lil' Bruiser

Now that Christopher is crawling up a storm, the injuries are starting. I think I could make money if I patented a baby helmet for early crawlers. There have been several "bunky heads", and a few finger pinches, but no lasting evidence of Christopher's clumsiness. Until Friday. Christopher was standing up holding onto a not-so-steady toy, when he fell backwards and the toy toppled onto him. His head made an impressive "thunk", so I thought this was the reason for the tears. They only lasted a second though then he was off playing again. A minute later, he smiled up at Amy and I and the both of us gasped at what we saw. It was the beginning of a shiner under his left eye. As most injuries, it looked worse right away than it did later after we put ice on it. By this morning, there is only a yellow tint.
So let me backtrack. Christopher officially started crawling September 28th. Gosh, when I think of it, it seems as though he's been crawling forever! The last weekend in September, Christopher and I went to my parents house in Milford, De. Mr. Leifypants was there and Christopher was bound and determined to get around and keep up with his older cousin. So thank you Leif, you got Christopher moving!

On Friday I made another discovery. As I changed Christopher's diaper he was making funny movements with his mouth. He looked as though he was chewing something. When I looked inside I found two more teeth! And without any fussy warnings. (sorry Cara) The weird thing is, they aren't where I expected them. Instead of the top two center teeth, they are the next ones over. We have our very own Jack-o-lantern for Halloween!

Before he could crawl, crazy yoga moves was all Christopher had.

One of his favorite past times; kissing himself in the mirror.

I love this picture. Uncle Ryan has taught Leif "ready, set, go!" At "GO!" Ryan launches Leif high in the air. Ryan's face shows his might, while Leif commands "GO!".

During a rambunctious Sunday dinner down Bayside, Christopher refused to eat for me. But when Grandma Cookie holds the spoon, its a different story.

Uncle Marnell and Baby Sophia having lunch at our house. She is so sweet.

By Sunday, Christopher's black eye had gone down considerably.
His new fav: rice rusks. They keep him from impatiently crying "Hmmmmm, hmmm" while I prepare his meal.

Aunt Laura made these beautiful blocks for Christopher. He loves them!

I gave Christopher an old cereal container. The blocks make a wonderful "Clank!" noise when he drops them in.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Fun

Leif and Christopher playing at Grandma's house.

Granddad loves his little Christopher.

Jason and Leif visit and we went to a local farm. But first Leif had to get his "Dumbo" fix.

Christopher over dressed for this unseasonably warm October.

Leif loves tractors!

Leif and his "Mamock"

Silly McClain Cousins.

Two weekends ago, Christopher and I joined his other cousins in Pa. for some pumpkin pickin' fun. What a fun day.
Zachary worn out from picking in the field.

Grant the farmer: "Step right up, how can I help you?"

" Oooh, leaf!"

Christopher inside the corn Tee Pee.

What cute little pumpkins!

Farmer Christopher.

Grant milks the cow.

Jonathan "I love my pumpkins."