Friday, December 28, 2007

Babies and Grannies...
Here is Grant, giving himself a bottle, probably his first learned skill. Of course, it has to do with food.

Sweet Baby Blue Eyes! OK, check out the family resemblance on the picture of Ryan below:

This is Ryan at four months, they sure do look alike!

Leif enjoying his Christmas present with Daddy. He was really good with the train, very patient and intrigued.
Choo Choo!

Oma Sue, Oma Ru, and Leif too! Merry Christmas!

331/2 weeks and still smiling!Baby Belly!

Well we had a very low-key and relaxing Christmas. I hope everyone enjoyed theirs as well. Things are good here in White Marsh, Baby is growing and moving lots. I am now having dreams that the baby is born but our home doesn't even have one diaper or onsie in it. I guess I better get started on the baby's room!

Ryan and I are really enjoying Grandma Ru's visit. She has been the supervisor on the Bathroom project:

The bathroom is 99% finished. Hallelujah!
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Renovating a Bathroom, Easy as 1,2,3...



Shower wall...Use lots of force to set the tile...
(and release some frustration)

But remember, always measure accurately...

More Baby Pics!
This image reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock! (It's a profile shot of the head and bust)

Last Monday, I had a sonogram scheduled to check the placenta. At the beginning of the pregnancy it was placed low, covering the exit door. Fortunately, as my uterus grew, the placenta traveled north, and now all things are a go for a vaginal delivery. Ryan could not make the appointment, so Grandma Lola came along. Baby is head down and feet up, ready for the big day.

Lately Baby is using my bottom ribs as a foot rest, and my bladder as a pillow. He doesn't kick my ribs, just sets his feet there with some pressure. When I sit my ribs ache. So I push in under my ribs, grab the foot and push it off. It's funny, but the baby will get kinda agitated and reposition himself as if to say "excuse me, I'm resting in here and you are disturbing me". The bladder thing is very typical, I run to the bathroom hourly but there isn't much in the bladder. Since our only functional bathroom is downstairs, this means lots of exercise for me.

I am officially off of work. Before anyone thinks "why is she taking so much time off?" I can explain. The float pool hours at work were scant this month, so my original intention of working till the end of the year is not happening. It is a good thing though, as my back and sciatic nerves are giving me a hard time, and lots of standing and activity worsen the pain. And there's lots of standing, walking and bending in nursing. So now my new title is "Domestic Engineer". I am spending this time giving the house a "deep cleansing". Cleaning cupboards, ceiling fans, under furniture, etc. And of course, there is always sorting and organizing.

January is nursery month! Ryan and I finally registered at Baby's R Us. Once the waterbed is out, I'll have the room ship-shape in no time.

Ryan has been hard at work on the bathroom, and the tile is looking great! As luck would have it, our special order items are in (vanity, medicine cabinet, over the toilet cabinet and shower head.) Everything is falling in line. We should be finished by New Years, our fastest project ever.

Say a prayer for Kristi, she has a big interview tomorrow and we really hope she gets the job!

Till next time...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I couldn't wait to hang stockings on our new mantel.
Notice there is one for "Papa" "Mama" and of course, one for "Baby"!

Finally, winter has arrived! Usually I don't look forward to these blustery short days, but this time it's different. I think it is because winter's end holds the greatest event of our lives; the arrival of our little one. Thanksgiving was wonderful, thanks to Lola. She made a feast for 30 and of course, everything was excellent. The next day Ryan left to go hunting for the weekend.

Work has finally slowed down, I only have this weekend and the next, then I am finished. It has been nice, having these past days off. This past weekend I decorated for Christmas and baked some cookies. (Of course all the while listening to my Charlie Brown Christmas music.) I feel this will be the most relaxing Christmas ever. In a week and a half Grandma Ru will be here for the holidays, yah!

Ryan decided on a whim to start renovating the upstairs bathroom now rather than wait for January. If all goes as planned, it should be finished by the end of the month. It's funny, they say an expectant mother goes through a "nesting" period, readying the home for baby. I feel like Ryan has it too, as we hurry and finish these last projects before baby's arrival. By the new year we will have, for the most part, completely renovated our little home. It is so wonderful.

More baby news: this kid has more moves than John Travolta on speed! Baby is constantly moving! On Thanksgiving morning, while he was going at it, I put my fingers on my stomach and met resistance, I think it was a foot or a hand, because the two of us just pushed against each other, kinda like holding hands. These words can not describe it justly, it's amazing!

I finally chose the nursery theme: twinkle stars, bunnies and lambs. Tomorrow Mom, Lisa, and I are doing arts and crafts. I plan to make a mobile, Mom will sew the nursery curtains, and Lisa will paint a watercolor to dress up the walls. I wanted the room to have personal touches, not a lot of store bought over-done stuff. I did buy the bedding and some artwork, but I am trying to refrain from getting anything else.

Wednesday evening starts our Birthing classes. Ryan will finally learn where babies come from. Hope he can handle it.


The Matschulat Family Thanksgiving 2007.

Ryan, Ryan H. and Mark went hunting in Greenridge Thanksgiving weekend. Here they are enjoying yummy leftovers I packed them.

Ryan and Ryan were very successful that weekend. Sorry if this offensive to anyone, just a day-in-the-life at the Winterstein's.

Good-bye "bone bathroom"

Another "before" shot. We are keeping the sink and hardware, but everything else is gone.

Demolition Man! Removing plaster walls is tough work, it took Ryan a full day.

The first piece of drywall. See the 2x4 to the right of Ryan? We found "Ryan" written in pencil in his own 5 year old handwriting. Cool, huh? Kinda like a time-capsule. Bill & Lola enclosed a window back in the early 80's. I guess little Ryan wanted to make his mark.

Sheesh, I look like my mom!