Friday, November 9, 2007

Long Time, No Blog

Grandma Mil and Leif E. Pants.

The smart guys, who didn't go hunting in the rain.

At least they look like they know what they're doing.

Ahhh, the Florida Keys.

Happy Birthday Leif!

He had so much fun.

Sorry for the lack of bloggage. Life has been busy but good.

In October, I flew to Miami to celebrate Leif's first birthday. Mom, Dad, Jason, Laura, Leif and I celebrated with a small intimate party, complete with cupcakes and a paper hat. I think this was the first one-year-old birthday party I went to that the guest of honor actually enjoyed himself, and wasn't completely overwhelmed with alot of commotion. Leif was all smiles, he seemed to understand what was going on. The next day we went for a day trip to the Florida Keys, one of my most favorite places.

Mid-October we packed up and headed to the Greenridge Mountains for our annual camp trip. It was a nice crowd: Ryan, Kristi, Bill, Sean, Hurlock, his girlfriend Alyssa, Andre, Ron, Steve and myself. Karen had to skip this year, she was truly missed. Ironically, we all turned in earlier to bed this year than ever before! Friday night we actually danced around the campfire with music from DJ Ryan. That was a first. Well, unfortunately, no one shot a deer and the guys came home empty handed.

Late October we celebrated Ryan's and Kristi's Birthdays. We had dinner in Crazy Court (Bill & Lola's) then everyone in the court joined us for dessert. I really enjoyed seeing everyone and playing with the kids. It won't be long until Ryan and I will be adding to the growing number of grandkiddies. Can't wait! Grant is growing fast, he is so cute and getting more interactive.

So far my pregnancy is going exceptionally well. But what it is doing to my body, that's another story. Everything was going smooth (except for the skin problems and heartburn) until this past week. My right sciatic nerve started acting up. I left work early on Tuesday and called out Wednesday because of intermittent but severe pain. On Wed. afternoon, the bottom dropped out, or should I say my bottom dropped out. The pain came on continuously and relentlessly. I could not walk or sit. My OB took me in last minute. (Thanks to Aunt Kristi who drove me) Unfortunately, there isn't much to do for it while I am pregnant. Just ice, heat and rest. So I am pretty much on house arrest. No driving, no stairs, just lots of resting. Kinda boring. Really boring. Oh well, our baby is healthy, the pregnancy is healthy, and this is all I can ask for. I am actually in good spirits, and everyday the pain is a little less.

Baby is moving lots. I think about him/her all the time since it's just the two of us home all day. The baby weighs about 2lbs and is about 9 inches long from top of the head to the bottom of his butt. In a week and a half I will be in my last trimester! Woooohoooo! I can't wait to meet the little guy/gal. 3 months to go!!!