Monday, July 27, 2009

Christopher helps Daddy lower his new picnic table. (Thank you Megan). Now with this sturdy table we can do lots of messy crafts like finger painting and coloring.

Here is Christopher after going poo-poo on the potty. I'll spare you any other detailed photos. He went twice last week, then we put it on the back burner during the busy weekend. We'll see how it goes.

You Heard It Here First...

Well some of you anyway. Drum roll please........bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrruuuummmm..... We are expecting! I'll be 14 weeks on Wednesday, due Jan 27 and no, we are not finding out what it is. I think that answers most of the questions I have been getting, there isn't much more info than that anyway. The first trimester went by fairly smoothly, I finally feel like my old self the past 2 weeks. I had overwhelming fatigue associated with profound laziness. The heartburn decided to make another visit this pregnancy as did the sciatica. But now all the symptoms are lessened and I am making dinners and cleaning house again (thank God). Christopher was the first person we announced to, telling him "Momma has a baby in her tummy, it's going to be your baby". We only told him once. Then several days later we asked him, "where is the baby?" and he lifted my shirt, poked inside my belly button and said "baby". Then he leaned over and kissed my tummy! He has done this several times since, sometimes prompted but other times not. He is such a funny little guy! He calls himself "brada" (brother). Weird how he almost seems to get it. Below are some sono pics, they are from 3 weeks ago and the baby is probably almost twice as big now. The second two are 3D shots.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Christopher's First Boat Ride

Saturday we took a leisurely boat ride around Marburg Lake near Ryan's parents. It was a glorious day and the water in the lake is so clear you can see more than 10 feet down! Christopher especially enjoyed steering the boat and seeing the geese. And of course the occasional splashing!
He started off a little uncertain...

But soon he was having a great time!

Then he fell sound asleep on our return ride in!

Howdy Partner!

This video is a little long and redundant, but he was being so good! I can rarely film him doing his everyday stuff, because he wants to grab the camera. This was like a gold mine to me. I hope that maybe I can start filming him more often now.


I have come to really love where we live for so many reasons. There are numerous parks, each with its own perks. We even have a petting zoo free of charge five minutes from our house. But one of our most favorite Momma and Christopher outing is Gunpowder State Park, which has a very spacious beach and swimming area. I thought we'd get there every week this summer, but we've only been twice. Seeing how much he loves it though, we will be back several more times before summer ends. Friday we had the enjoyment of Lulu's company, which made the day extra fun. "Schwimmin" is what Christopher says each time he even sets eyes on water. He takes to water naturally and quite fearlessly. Check out what a great "schwimmer" Christopher is:

Taking a break for a quick picture. He loved going up the beach, turning around saying "set, go!" and running fast into the water until he fell in up to his neck.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Last week I introduced Christopher to finger paints. Needless to say, he loved it. I stripped him down to a diaper to keep mess to a minimum. Then he went commando in his wading pool for a rinse.

Christopher has been a big "helpa" as he puts it, lately. Sweeping the floor, picking up trash and putting it in the trash can, putting laundry in the laundry basket, or just tidying up, you name it, he's doing it.

Ryan and Dad roast marsh mellows on Independence Day.
To celebrate the 4th, we headed to Rehobeth compliments of Kevin and Sarah. Sarah's parents have a nice house just off the beach. Kev and Sarah really out did themselves, providing yummy food and a cozy atmosphere. We had a great time and I really bonded with lil' Madeline.
I was sad to see it end.

My little Yankee Doodle Dandy. As I have said before, I love sharing holidays with Christopher. He carried his flag everywhere, even in the stroller as we walked the neighborhood. Both Ryan and I were sad that he couldn't stay up and see the fireworks. Maybe next year. The fireworks display was very impressive and very loud. We sat out front in the street where we had an unobstructed view of the show. The vibration caused car alarms to go off repeatedly. Between the booms! and honking car horns, we were certain CRW would wake. Ryan and I took turns checking on him, but he slept right through it!