Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Six Months Christopher!

"I'm Six Months Old!"

Leif with his Grand Dad. When he walked into Kevin and Sarah's house, he went straight across the room, right into his Grand Dad's arms.

Sweet Sophia and Grandma Millie.

On Saturday, Christopher wanted to try his first beer. We told him he had to wait a little.

Cousin Leif shows Christopher how to work the toys he gave him. Christopher watches closely.

Christopher tries some leftover carrots after dinner at Mom and Dad's. Christopher is really enjoying new foods nowadays.

The Mitcherling kids love Christopher. They are really good with him too.

Made in the shade. Enjoying the fleeting days of summer.

Christopher having fun with Papa.

Our little man turned half a year today. He is such a joy and blessing. I can't remember life without him. I took him today for his six month checkup and he is the picture of health. He is a lean 14 lbs 6oz and 26 1/2 inches long. His smile reveals two small bottom teeth. He can sit up on his own for over 20 minutes, and keeps himself entertained with toys. Once on his tummy, he really gets moving with arches and bends, kicks and lifts. He can really get around just by squirming. Try as he might, he can just barely get on his knees before he slides back on his stomach. And the noises he makes when on his tummy! Whenever you are in ear-shot, you can hear Christopher vocalizing a large array of sounds. My favorite is when he speaks to his teddy bear on his car seat. While I am driving I hear him "talking" low and intently to the little bear. It is a real treat to see his personality emerging before us. Christopher always has a smile to greet others. He laughs often at games we play, and he is learning to anticipate our antics. We do have fun with him!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's A Marvelous Night For a Moondance...

During our visit to Pa. on Wednesday, the boys played "roll the ball" with Christopher, who actually played along!

Zachary is such a big boy. So cute.

The football is almost as big as he is!

Hangin' out

Laura came over on Friday to help make baby food for Christopher. It was fun and easy. We have a very large stock now, so I hope Christopher is a hungry boy!

Trying the sweet potatoes, his first food.

His mouth kept making funny shapes, like his taste buds didn't know what to make of this new flavor.

"Uh......this ain't no breast milk"

On Saturday we went to our friends' yearly summer bash. They live on a 150 acre farm near our house. The party is always a good time. Festivities included volleyball, fire ring, DJ, fireworks, hayride and four-wheeling. My favorite was the hayride at sunset, beneath a full orange moon. See the moon? Christopher enjoyed it as well, although he was asleep by the time the ride ended.

Our Beautiful Addition

Here are the pictures of Sophia I promised:

Showing off her very long fingers.

Sleeping after a long nursing.

Ryan, Christopher and I visited the Coopers on Sunday. Amy looks fantastic. Breast feeding is going very well, Sophia already gained her weight back since her discharge from the hospital. Amy has been getting some sleep (eight hours last night). Marnell is so in love with his little girl. In all, the family is adjusting well.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A week of milestones

Wow, what a week. Last Monday Christopher started sitting up. On Thursday he started cutting teeth. On Saturday the tooth broke through (bottom left). Over the weekend I noticed him fine-tuning his fine motor skills with the "pincher grasp". He is like a whole new kid in a matter of seven days.

Our big boy sitting up like a pro. He is now able to sit unassisted for up to 15 minutes!

Welcome Sophia Marie Cooper!

I am pleased to announce the arrival of our newest family member:
Sophia Marie Cooper
August 11, 2008
10:01 pm
7 pounds, 12 ounces
21 inches
She is beautiful! I am embarrassed to say that I do not have any pictures. In my rush to see her today, I forgot my camera. But stay tuned, I plan to visit her again this week, even if its to play paparazzi. Amy is doing exceptionally well. Marnell is beaming and so proud. I love watching our family grow.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Beach Bum Baby

Christopher and I had a lovely weekend. My good friends Laura and Chris Carroll invited us to go "downy Oocean, hon". I carefully weighed the decision whether or not to go. Christopher is just getting to the age of predictability. Beforehand, taking him anywhere was more of a chore than a treat. So I decided the best way I knew how, I said "Christopher, if your swimming trunks fit you, then we shall go". They fit, so we packed our bags. With Ryan already occupied half the weekend with a fishing trip, Christopher and I were left to our own devices. I wasn't looking forward to a long lonely Saturday. This was a real vacation. Two days; it was all I needed to rejuvenate. We stayed at a small condo with walk-out beach access. Laura's nine year old daughter Emily brought her friend Tatum, and together we all had a blast. Laura is a very attentive friend. Before my drink emptied, she had another grapefruit cocktail on the way. With her along, I had a break from being "mommy". She loves Christopher and is very good with him. She was a great extra set of hands, and together we enjoyed watching Christopher in his beach experience. As for Christopher, he loved the beach. His five senses could not get enough. He enjoyed long walks along the shore in the baby Bjorn, dozing in the shade of the umbrella, wiggling his toes in the sand and most of all, the people! He was very attentive with the going ons around us. I am pleasantly surprised with his amicable behavior. On our second beach day, I played like a nine year old. The girls and I rode wave after wave. I felt so revitalized. After spending six months indoors dealing with the stress of new motherhood, this washed away any dullness that lingered. I returned home recharged. Thank you, Laura and Chris.
Friday night we stopped at Macky's and had dinner on their beach.

Emily and Tatum stuffed after dinner.

Joe cool.

"Ahhh, finally got my toes in the sand."

"I love the beach!"

Snoozing in Laura's arms

He was happy when he woke up.

Then he past out again. That sunshine and salty air makes you sleep you, know?

Surf buddies, Emily and Tatum.

Part of Saturday had some overcast with little breaks of sunshine. It was nice.

"Here, Mom let me get your picture."

Playing with Laura.

Doesn't he look happy?!?!?

Sunday morning Laura, Christopher and I escaped our condo while the others slept, walked a few blocks to the Bay Cafe, and indulged in delicious breakfast. Christopher was very well behaved.

At this point in my weekend I was feeling particularly good. It occurred to me that I could just as well have been at an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean. I was that content. The blue sky foretold of a low humidity day. The breeze rustled through the grass umbrellas. And boy, was the coffee good.

I couldn't get enough pictures of him.

Under the beach blanket, we carved out a little sand bed for CRW. He was pretty comfy.

On Monday, we decided to start Christopher on cereal. He has been very interested in other's food and drink of late. So instead of waiting any longer, we whipped up some rice cereal and breast milk. He started off strong, but then I think some went down the wrong pipe and it scared him a little. We will try again this week.