Monday, December 29, 2008

A Special Christmas Gift

Christopher's first Christmas was great. Ryan retrieved him from his crib and brought him to me for a morning nursing in bed. When CRW saw me he said loud and clear "Momma!". What a perfect gift he gave me. He has said it several times since, usually when tired, hungry or just generally out of sorts. I love it. Our Christmas continued to be relaxing, we had a yummy breakfast of buttermilk pancakes (CRW ate two), then open stockings. After his morning nap our little family drove to Pa to Papa and Lulu's. There, we ate and watched CRW open presents. Aunt Kristi gave him a Lincoln Log set, which I amused myself with putting it completely together. He also received books, some toys, socks and a rocking horse from Mommy and Daddy. He was a little leary of the horse, as it is bigger than he is. He did let us put him on it, and gave us a few smiles. Christmas evening Christopher was not acting 100%, and he felt warm. We took his temp and it was 100.7. This was the second fever this week! His appetite had been poor since Saturday before Christmas and he has had other tummy issues. Since it was lasting longer than I liked, on Friday we paid the doctor a visit. He checked out ok, so it was probably just a viral bug. Then Friday night another 102 temp! Oh well, despite being mildly ill, Christopher was a champ, playing nice and entertaining us all. Yesterday he wass back to himself, eating us out of house and home! Funny CRW tidbits: he can now whistle. At first it was an accident, happening on an inhale after saying "ooooo" through perced lips. Now he realizes his new talent and you can hear him walking through the house, whistling as he goes. It is too funny. Also, Lulu taught him "Hooo" in response to "What does an owl say?". He is really getting a bag of tricks. Sorry for lack of pics, Ryan stole the camera and its with him in his truck! I'll try and get some up soon! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

An Afternoon At The Playground

Last week, Ryan's mom and I took Christopher to the local playground to burn off some energy before the sun sunk below the treeline. I am surprised that Christopher can have fun at a playground at such a young age, but since I first tried him on the swing set in August, we have continued to find new fun stuff for him to try.

Like the see-saw...

And the slide...
"Wow this is great, look how high I am!"

"Lulu, will you catch me at the bottom?"
"Um, do I really want to do this?"

"Ok Mommy, I'll do it if you go with me!"

But his favorite will always be the swing...
"Ready? Set...


A Walking We Will Go!

Sorry for the dark video. It's the best footage of Christopher walking so far. I don't when to say he officially started walking. When there was one step, four steps, seven steps, or the amazing stretch across the kitchen? It's been a process. This past weekend made it official though, when he walked all over the dining and living room. He'd fall on his butt after walking five feet then get right back up again and go at it. He looks so small to be walking!

Sarah's Baby Shower

Ryan and I hosted a shower on Saturday for Sarah. It turned out lovely, with a nice group gathering. I could not have done it if weren't for Grandma Ru's help. She watched Christopher many times this week as I prepared for the party, as well as helped me in the kitchen We all had a great time.

Some of the baby loot pictured before the shower began.

Here, Sarah is rounding the corner to meet her "surprise". She was very surprised. She asked "what's the surprise for?" I kinda felt sorry for her. We got her good!

Uncle Bob's wife, Maddie sent beautiful crocheted gifts; a blanket and a sweater set.

Some of the party: Sarah, Grandma Ru, Mom, Grandma Cookie (Diane) and Grandma Mil.

Kristi and Sophia intently watch the opening of the gifts. Sophia thinks "Oh yeah Aunt Sarah, you're gonna need that".

Yet another beautiful quilt made by Aunt Ginny. Do they just get more gorgeous with each baby shower?

Four generations!

Christopher: "Uh, this used to be mine, I was wondering where it went. I guess Sophia can use it". You should hear Sophia squeal and laugh when she plays in this bouncy seat. It's hilarious, I wish I had it on video.

Rather than get the over rated sheet cake for the shower, I made an Amaretto Cake with Meringue frosting. It turned out pretty; and pretty tasty!

As shower favors, Lola and I made Amaretti Cookies from scratch. They were yummy and very chewy!

Four generations of Schmale women. I tried to sit in this picture and Grandma Ru set me straight saying "You're not in this picture!" in her Grandma Ru style.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Busy Elf

That would be me. I have been readying our home for the Christmas season, and doing so with much gusto because, of course, this is Christopher's first Christmas! The tree is up, the lights are on, and there are three stockings hung on the mantle. I already have one batch of cookies done (Alaska Molasses Cookies, my favorite). Each morning I put the carols on all day until we turn in for the night. Meanwhile, Christopher is interested in everything I do. But he is able to entertain himself too. And by the way, he is walking. I don't know when I can officially say he is walking, as he takes several steps, falls down, gets up and repeats the process over again. He has taken as many as twelve steps so far for a total of about four feet. It is so much fun to watch. He does best when there is something in his hands; something he's interested in which seems to distract him from the task at hand. When he is on a roll with walking, halfway through the jaunt, he stops to applaud himself. He is so proud of himself. It is comical. He applauds himself often if he thinks he is doing a fine job at something, whether its walking, eating or playing with a toy. He is also now able to climb the first step of our staircase. And what a smart little guy he is! Tonight while I was reciting "Mr Brown Can Moo", he smiles at me then quickly crawls across the room where toys and books are scattered on the floor. Out of the pile he picks up the book I was reciting, stands and starts walking back to me with it in hand. Wow, this floored me. Other CRW news, he's sleeping through the night now. Thursday it will be two weeks. There have been a few night wakings, but I stay in bed and he puts himself back to sleep. We have a really nice day and night routine. Christopher is so predictable and this makes life so easy. And I can't help but notice I'm not as tired as I used to be!
Matthew and Christopher playing together. Matt is Christopher's third cousin.
Matthew loves the camera. He smiled every time it was around.
Christopher's first snow! "Hurry Mom, I'm freezing here!"

Grandma Mil and our little Turkey on Turkey Day.

Granddad and sweet Sophia.

McClain Women preparing the big meal on Thanksgiving. Kevin and Sarah hosted Thanksgiving this year. Sarah did an awesome job. Everything was delicious.

Uncle Marcos and Aunt Lisa do "so big!" with Christopher after Thanksgiving dinner.
Christopher at play, he is very good at playing alone. Over the weekend he and I visited Papa and Lulu, (Ryan's parents) while Ryan was on his annual post Thanksgiving hunt. We had a nice visit.

Here is CRW in action. The first video he is doing his "so big" and applause routine which was requested by Aunt Laura. The second is dinner time antics. Ryan is teaching Christopher some funny tricks, he's like his little protege. In the third video Ryan is training Christopher early on the duck calls.