Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The day after Christmas, we stopped by Ryan's Aunt Mary Ann's to see the trains.

New Year's Weekend we spent up in Pa for more family fun:

Noah, Zachary, Jonathan, Christopher and Grant stop playing for a quick photo shoot.

Julianna opens her gift from her Secret Santa.

I think Zachary likes his gift. I think he's eating the mic.

Noah checks out his gift.

I like this picture. As Emily shows off her gift, you can see Ryan's dad in the background, obviously carrying on with one of the kids. Its a glimpse of a typical family gathering.

Christopher wanted to say "Hi" to Lulu, who was walking up the driveway. As I opened the door so he could see her better, he didn't think twice about stepping outside!

Here Jay, Steve, Ryan H, and Alissa watch the Ravens work their magic. Saturday was a great day, I had a 30th Birthday party which was extra fun because the Ravens played an awesome playoff game and WON! Go Ravens!

It was a loud party, with a room full of men exploding with each great play. It was funny though, because the women and children stayed downstairs and watched the game. Well there was a 5 second delay between the two TV sets, so when we saw a favorable play downstairs, five seconds later, we'd hear the men shout and jump up and down up in the living room. Four hours of this was pretty funny.

Playing downstairs with the kiddies.

Matthew and Stephanie in their purple.

Still silly after 30 years.

Noah shows Grant how to use Christopher's new toy.

"Happy Birthday To ME!" Too bad my jersey wasn't #30, that would have been cool.
This cake is awesome. It tastes just like a giant Peppermint Patty. Lola's specialty.


Leah said...

mmm.... that cake sure was delicious! We had fun Saturday! Happy Birthday, old lady!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! 30!!!!! I'm getting sooooo oldddddd!!!!!!! :(
Hope your 30's are great!!! 40's are even better!!!!
Happy Burfday!!!!

CaraBee said...

Happy Birthday!! So funny you have that picture on there when we were just talking about that today! Our little daredevils.