Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Not A Good Time For Blogging Hiatus!

The month of November found us fairly busy. The first week I watched Sophia so Mom and Dad could take a trip to Florida. My OB appointments were upgraded to every two weeks. I was still working and among all this, I had a photo catastrophe. I accidentally erased all of my photos and was only able to recover a few. I lost everything of Christopher's life! Without anything backed up! Talk about being depressed, I didn't sleep for days. But Ryan came to my rescue and downloaded software that recovered the majority of them, so now I am happy. And now I am finally backing up the pics, something I wanted to do before the baby arrived anyway.

This, however was not a good time to take a break from blogging since Christopher seems to be changing by the day. Mostly it is the verbal skills. Let me put it this way; if he is awake he is talking. NONSTOP. Remind you of anyone else you know? Ryan wants to hire a stenographer to record everything he says. It would be thick as a phone book. Example: "put the fire on" (repeat x10) "light on" (repeat x10) "light off" x10, "Daddy's truck" x10, "Noisy fan" x10, "Daddy working". It starts in the morning while he is alone in the crib and doesn't stop until his peepers are shut. On December 1st he said his first full sentence: "Turn the fire on please." While at the library a 2 week old baby started crying. Christopher softly said to himself "What's the matter baby?" Then when the mommy offered a bottle to the baby, Christopher said "hungry baby, mmmm, milk" So sweet and tender. Then there is the hilarious. One morning I used the toilet before I retrieved him from his crib. When he heard me he said "potty, yay! good job!" Speaking of potty, he is making huge advances. After Potty Boot camp, (10/19 post), we backed off a good bit, just using the potty when I thought of it. We switched back to diapers and gave the undies a rest. The week of Thanksgiving I realized we backed off a bit much, so I started toileting him regularly throughout the day, like previously planned. Well I was surprised to find him able to control the muscle to "go" almost every time he sat on the potty. I rewarded him with stickers, hugs and high-5's. After about a week, he was only wetting his diaper once or twice a day. So last Friday we ditched the diapers. We still diaper him for naps and bedtime, but the rest of the day its big boy underwear. Until today I diapered him for outings, but under the advice of a friend going through the same potty adventure, we ditched the diapers during these trips as well. It is too confusing to switch back and forth. So today we went to the library and I took the potty with us. He used it in the car before we went in, then used the public restroom before we left. (He said "library potty, noisy flush"). Then went again when we returned home! All the while he stayed dry. He is starting to tell us when he needs to go, although not that often. But this is a start. Oh and more amazingly, he has gone #2 for six days straight now! I just watch for cues during his usual time of day, and try the potty while reading lots of books, and we've had success! I am so proud and amazed. I actually like going through this process with him, even though it is time consuming and a little frustrating at times. Physically, he is making some advances. He is doing better with throwing a ball. A little too well in fact, as he started tossing some toys for practice. He can now come down steps without holding on at all, and he can jump from about 2 feet up and land on his feet. His coloring skills have finally taken off and it is now one of his favorite activities.
In the baby department, things are good. Baby is healthy, most importantly. Unfortunately, he or she is in the WRONG position! Heads up instead of down! I really hope there are some somersaults before January 27th, or I will be very disappointed to have a C-section. I am suffering the infamous "round ligament pain" many women get during pregnancy as well as lower back pain and twinges of sciatica. But in all, I am fairing well with some days better than others. Christopher received a boy baby doll from Lulu to help prepare for lil bro or sis' arrival. He helps the baby be "nice and warm and cozy" as he gives it it's "ninny" and blanket. We'll see if this helps him in the big brother department.
Thanksgiving was extra special since Jason, Laura and Leif came up to visit. It's amazing how kids change in the span of a half a year. Leif is such a kid now. I really enjoyed watching all the cousins play together now since they are getting bigger and more interactive. When Christopher said "Turn the fire on" Leif answered him "But Christopher, the fire is already on". This tickled me for some reason. I think it was their first conversation. In all, we had a great visit.
I think this covers just about everything. Right now I am being requested to "Get down, play!" so I gotta go!

In early November, I helped out with Sophia. Christopher and I love spending time with her, and the older they get, the better they play together. Well, parallel play anyway.

Christopher eating a big boy lunch at the kiddie table at Grandmom's.

Snack time! They both had the giggles this afternoon. But in this pic they have full mouths.

Mr. Independent

Practicing on Daddy's duck and goose calls. He is pretty good too!

Hanging out in the baby's crib. As soon as it was set up he'd say "baby's crib, IN!" He has asked everyday since for the same. We fixed up the baby's room December 1, just like Ryan promised!
More pictures to follow when it is complete.

The day after Thanksgiving, we enjoyed an oyster roast down Bayside. It is a great family tradition. Despite the cold, we kept warm near the outdoor fire. The kids were hard to keep inside. Here Uncle Kevin plays with Leif and Christopher. I loved having Jason, Laura and Leif with us for Thanksgiving, I miss them so much. Its amazing how hectic a day is when you add one more kid! I took terrible few pictures during their visit.

Story time with Aunt Lisa.

A small preview of Christopher's room. I am almost finished, I just have a few more things to hang on the wall. Christopher LOVES it! He calls it his "new room" and suddenly rediscovered all his old toys. Very happy with the turn out so far. I will post more pics in detail when it is complete.

Every morning Christopher is found at his table involved in some activity. Favorites of late: play dough, coloring, blocks, lacing games and of course, his precious puzzles.

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