Monday, December 21, 2009

A Wintry Weekend

This was the best weekend ever! On Saturday it snowed and snowed! We were hammered with roughly 20+ inches of the white stuff in a matter of 24 hours. Ryan hunted on Saturday morning but was home by 11. I made a nice brunch and then we just lounged the rest of the day. Oh and watched the snow fall. Christopher happily put the appropriate weather on his "weather board". He was so excited to have snow. I spent the weekend cooking, baking and cleaning...and napping. All the while listening to Christmas music; it was perfect! Sunday the sun broke through and we all ventured outside. I felt like I made a right of passage as I, like many mothers before me, struggled to get their little ones bundled, then unbundled for the snow. By the way, have you ever seen a nine month pregnant woman struggle to put snow pants and snow boots on? It is quite comical. Once outside, Christopher commented "so much snow" and "big mess" as he walked around. He enjoyed watching neighbors plow driveways on their 4-wheelers. He slid down mountains of snow Daddy made while shoveling. Then when we had enough, we came inside for hot chocolate and some sugar cookie baking. In all, it was a weekend I'll remember forever, a weekend stuck inside with those you love doing simple things.

Blogger drives me crazy sometimes. All this pictures are in reversed order and I can't drag the pictures into correct order. So the last is first and first is last. Oh well, enjoy!
Enjoying the cookie he decorated.

Decorating sugar cookies with Daddy before putting them in the oven.

Opening his Christmas card from Lulu and Papa. He loves getting mail, particularly cards. He keeps them all and "re-reads" them for many months. (Just the other day he asked me to read his Halloween card from Brenda in La.)

Romping in the snow with Steven across the street.

"Big Mess"

Our snowy abode.

Good job Ryan!

When Christopher first fell in the snow, face first, Ryan ran to his rescue. He cleaned off his face and instructed, "Christopher you let Daddy do it". Every time thereafter, Christopher would run up to Ryan after falling down saying "Daddy do it".

Daddy made a "fort" for Christopher. Can you believe the snow is up to his neck?

Crying because he can't use his hands to open the door. He wanted to get out with Daddy so bad!

The sun making its first appearance after 24 hours of windy dark snowfall.


Laura said...

Mmm...snow! That looks wonderful! *sigh* I've yet to put on a sweater this season - I'm still in short sleeves! :(

Abby said...

seriously! I cannot get over how big Christopher is now!
I agree, those kind of weekends are the very best!

You're going to have to change the name of your blog :) Katieandryanplus2!

CaraBee said...

The snow was great, wasn't it! I'm loving that it's hanging around, too. Maybe we'll have a white Christmas!

Leah said...

Love the "no hands" picture... Gloves/mittens must be the most frustrating thing to kids! DAnny hates them! Your pictures are beautiful!

Sarah and Kevin McClain said...

AWW. I just love the little guy! I adore your Christmas card too- he is so handsome! So excited that you have another little bundle of joy on the way!